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Wuxi feipeng group, a sino-foreign joint venture yixing tianpeng fine chemical co., LTD., a subsidiary of wuxi feipeng import & export co., LTD. Its subsidiaries include: sulilianyungang kangcheng food ingredients co., LTD., ruotian yongfei chemical co., LTD., dui anhui xinlong chemical co., LTD., dui anhui hongyang chemical co., LTD. The headquarter of the group is located in jinggao road, wuxi city (guangshi road). Located in the central part of the Yangtze river delta of China, it is an economically developed region in China. It is 120KM away from Shanghai, nanjing and hangzhou, and 10KM away from the center of wuxi city. The transportation is very convenient. There are more than 10 highway loops around the region, including huning, huhang, ninghang, beijing-shanghai, huyi and riverside...


We have advanced testing facilities, and our product quality is excellent. In 2002, we passed ISO9002-2000 Quality System Certification...

No. 1, qianggao road, huishan district, wuxi city, jiangsu province, China (within gaoqiao textile printing and dyeing company, wuxi city), 214045
General manager (factory director): Ding Kexin
Tel: +86-510-83128653, 18151510672
E-mail: feipeng@chemnet.com
Ministry of domestic trade: Lu Xuemei
Tel: +86-510-87501899, 18921320159
E-mail: wuxi@feipengchem.com
Department of international trade: Ding Lei
Tel: +86-510-87508506, 13812255541
E-mail: tkx@feipengchem.com
Fax: +86-510-83120116
Website:www.feipengchem.com; www.tianpengchemicals.com

For our attractive package and first-class before and after service, we have gained high opinions both home and abroad

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